Pella Champaign, IL Customer Testimonials

Being an elderly person, I was very nervous about starting the process of getting any home improvement started. The salesman was a very nice gentleman and he made me feel very positive about what I was getting and who and how it was being installed. The installers were very friendly and even helped wash a few other windows that I could get to anymore. Please let them all know this.

- Bonita H.

Champaign, IL


I wanted to let you know how much we love our new windows. Our daughter's bedroom has had temperature and draft issues since we built this house and her room has been consistent with the rest of the house since we installed the Pella windows. I also love how easy it is to clean all of my windows without going outside and getting on a ladder. Also, your workers who installed the windows were amazing. Thank you for a better quality of life.

- Cindy P.

Downs, IL